Youth Program | Dance lessons for children

dance lessons for childrenRants Ballroom Company offers dance lessons for children, dance classes and private dance lessons in the following genres:

Creative Movement
…based on natural movements of the body, this art form develops rhythm, coordination, balance, and self-esteem. Dance lessons for children allow them to explore the basic concepts of dance such as time, space, and energy through structured improvisation. Ages 3-5

Junior Ballet & Jazz
…introduces students to classical ballet technique and jazz dance. Dancers build a strong foundation establishing proper body alignment, placement, strength, flexibility, use of energy, and musicality. Expressive performance quality is encouraged. Ages 4-7

Pre-teen/Teen Ballet & Modern
…a continuation of classical ballet at an intermediate level. An amalgamation of Modern dance disciplines such as Graham, Horton, and Release technique are examined. Students are encouraged to develop personal artistry through performance and improvisation.

Latin & Ballroom
…builds social skills, self-esteem, and teamwork. Contemporary Latin and ballroom dances used in social and competitive settings are explored. Dancers expand their confidence through choreographed exhibitions, performed bi-yearly.

Dance lessons for children provide far more than just learning to dance.

Youth  of all ages can benefit from dance lessons for children.  They experience learning skills, social skills, rhythm and movement, self esteem and team work. It is also a  well know fact the many health benefits of dance lessons for children such as physical flexibility, co-ordination and cardiovascular, weight loss and overall  general fitness are improvement.

Your child will have a blast and feel healthy which makes Mom and Dad happy.  Contact Marie for more information on our youth programs and dance lessons for children