Marie Rants is Professional, Ethical and Enthusiastic. I've taught social dance off and on for over 40 years and she is high quality. She is that rare teacher that is complimented and respected by her students, ex-students, employees and even her business competitors. (unsolicited testimonial)
Brett Long, Virginia Beach

I took the "ballroom Burn" class and was very pleased. It's a nice mixture of low impact, cardio, stretching, dance moves. Excellent program. I can't wait until the next class. Highly recommended.
Lillia, Virginia Beach

My wife, Kathleen, and I have been taking lessons from Marie for several years. We have also taken lessons from several other local professionals. Marie is by far the best instructor in the area. Not only is she versatile and talented, but she is trained in many dance disciplines and choreography. As a teacher, Marie is very patient and knows when to push hard and when to let us go at our pace. We have also enjoyed watching many of Maries local performances. She is a superbly gifted individual.
Howard Weinberg, Virginia Beach

Rant's Ballroom studio has a welcoming atmosphere, with a great staff where one is guaranteed to have fun when they walk through the door. I highly recommend checking it out.
Amber Vera

Great fun & a fantastic group of folks! Everyone was very upbeat & happy to help out with the new guy (me, that is)!
Doug Jenson

Wonderful! I never thought I could dance and now I'm doing it! Marie offers so much encouragement, and the social events are a blast.
Steven Boush, Chesapeake, VA

I never knew how wonderful partner dancing could be. Then I needed a class for school. After consulting several studios, I found Rants. The studio was open to my need, and very helpful. They are patient, and worked with me to develop my needed skill, and keep me from \"treading on toes\" in a fun way. The best thing about Rants...everyone can learn to dance. They offer group lessons, private lessons, and social parties for extra practice wiith some of the nicest students to share what they know also. So pick a dance, and go to class! Learning at Rant\'s is just that easy!
Sandra Ballweg, Va Beach, Va.

I love my private dancing lessons with Timothy. He is a great teacher, who really stretches my ability, and I always have so much fun!
Wendy Davidson

A beautiful dance studio with amazing talent of instruction…Chuck Wills who I have known for 30 years is not only a talented DJ, but also a drummer and of course an extremely talented and professional dance instructor…He will exceed your expectations, with his charm, patience and knowledge!!!
Jacquelina Furfaro

From the group of students who just recently performed at the Filipino/American Postal Employees of Hampton Roads, we thank you for all you untiring efforts and tenacity to ensure that we can do it in spite of our ages. Our dance performance and your presence make us so proud and by the sound of the crowd who attended the party, our performances was so appreciated. Thank you so much and have a happy holiday. God Bless you and your family.
Ben limcaoco, Virginia Beach

I definitely recommend Rants Ballroom Co. For 1 on 1 expert dance mentoring. They'll make you look like a star.
Dan Rogers, Virginia Beach

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